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CLIPS, CONNECTORS, ACCESSORY  CERTIFICATE                                      

 Steel connector, Plastc corner,
 key Gas corner, keys Gas collars, plugs,
 Foldng corner key.
 The connectors should be desgned and
 manufactured accordngly To match the
 alumnum spacerand to meet The qualty
 standard applcatons. All ranges of accessores
 for alumnum spacer bars whch are avalable
 n a varety of szes.


 Our professonal logstc department s
 dspatchng the product around the world
 Snce we have partnershp agreements wth many
 transport companes we can gve better servces
 and better prce oer.
 we have a standard packagng &
 A standard method to dspatch the materal to
 avod scratch or damage.

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