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MOLECULAR SIEVE (desccant)  MOLECULAR SIEVE (desccant)                      

 Descrpton  Molecular Seve 3A \ 4A \5A
 Commonly used desccants n the IG ndustry to prevent   Chemcal Formula:KnNa12-n[(AlO2)12(SO2)12]Xh2o
 the nsde glass surfaces from foggng as because of   A knd of alkal-metallc, slcon-alumnum compounds, It could absorb the molecular whch crtcal
 condensaton of Desccants are used n IG unts mosture   dameter s not more than 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ angstroms.
 vapor or organc vapors that may be n the nter pane   Applcaton
 space Mosture vapor mght be trapped n the Inter pane   Molecular Seve Dryng of varous lquds(such as ethanol) Ar dryng;
 space durng The manufacturng of the IG unt or can   Dryng of refrgerants; Dryng of natural gas, methane gas; Dryng of unsaturated hydrocarbons and
 permeate through the edge seal whle the IG unt s n use.   pyrolyss gas, ethylene, acetylene, propylene, butadene.
 Organcs that o-gas n the nter pane space can react   Advantages
 wth glass surfaces that become damp the water wth   The Characterstcs of  Instantaneous temperature, hgh adsorpton rate, t wll start workng whle
 molecular seves Hghly porous crystals wth unform pore   relatve humdty up to 12%, n certan crcumstances
 szes of 3, 4, 5, and 10 Angstroms each havng a strong   (nsde the hollow glass), and ts adsorpton rate wll reach about 19%, the temperature wll reach
 anty for a specfc sze of a molecule. The 3-Å molecular   more than 40 C.
 seve’s structure allowswater vapor adsorpton yet   used as a fll - n hollow spacer bars that are perforated to allow contact between the desccant fll and
 excludes most other molecules.   the vapor
          The capacty of desccants s lmted, and any water vapor nfltratng the nter pane space after the
 The 4-Å molecular seve has a slghtly hgher water vapor capacty but also adsorbs   a saturated can result n fog on the nternal surface of the IG unt.
 larger molecules ncludng oxygen and ntrogen; t s, therefore, less commonly used n IG edge seals.  Desccants n IG unts prolong the wndows’ servce lfe by adsorbng mosture

 Molecular seves have a hgh adsorpton capacty at a low relatve humdtyare therefore partcularly
 useful n dry  envronments such as the nter pane glazng space. These crystals are characterzed
 by a three-dmensonal pore system, wth pores of precsely defned dameter.

 Ths dameter s n the dmenson of the sze of molecules such as water, CO2 and H2S.
 The pores can be adjusted to  precsely determned unform openngs allowng for molecules
 smaller than ts pore dameter to be adsorbed whlst excludng larger molecules, hence the name
  “molecular seve”.
 The derent pore szes of synthetc zeoltes open up a wde range of possbltes n terms of
 "sevng" molecules of derent sze or shape gases & lquds.


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